Feedback from self-advocates on WDSD theme

DSi asked its Committee of National Representatives with Down Syndrome for feedback on the World Down Syndrome Day theme ‘We Decide’.

Here’s some of their feedback and suggestions:

Kayla McKeon, USA

There are people out there who have misconceptions about us, the more we show what we are capable of doing the more people will understand that we can and should make our decisions about our own lives. In the USA there is a saying “Nothing about us without us”.

Michael Sullivan, Australia

Michael collected feedback from Down Syndrome Australia’s Down Syndrome Advisory Network. This network is a group of people with Down syndrome from across Australia who provide direct advice to the Down Syndrome Australia board. They said:

  • This is a good theme all individuals have their own voice, people with Down syndrome lead fulfilling lives and are involved in advocacy campaigns. Sometimes we might need a hand when making bigger decisions. We are able to make decisions and know there is support there if needed for bigger ones
  • Agree it’s a good theme cause it’s empowering. It’s good to educate people to help make our own decisions and not tell us what to do. I want the world to know that I am able to make my own decisions
  • This is a good theme as I want to be able to make my own decisions. I can make small decisions on my own and sometimes may need help.  I want to have an opportunity to make my own decisions. It was my decision to grow a beard and my family told me I look like a homeless cat – good to have money support
  • I like to make my own decisions don’t like other people making them for him
  • I like making my own decisions
  • Good to make each day count and decide each day what you are doing and have a good diary system. Always have respect and need to know when to ask for help

Sheri Brynard, South Africa

I would like to add the responsibilities that goes with rights. We have to be able to understand more about the effect of what we choose. I choose my clothes but I have to understand my body. I can choose my boyfriend but I have to understand relationships.

Ashish Joshi, Nepal

The world needs to know that we can make own decisions and choose what to do. I choose to work spent some time doing support staff job, now looking for another type. Once you can prove your decision, it builds confidence in you and other people also start to believe in you.

Janet Charchuck, Canada

I like the theme of making your own decisions. Everyone has a right to make their decisions about their life. OR they should be able to get help if they need to.. like in supported decision making.

George Okudi, Uganda

I agree with this somehow, maybe the problem will be how other people perceive it. People should not take it like we are being forceful.

Jaime Cruz, Peru

I agree with the theme taking our own decisions. Perú has approved a legal change and people with disabilities are now allowed to take their own decisions with the supports they may need.