Harley bags dream job after speaking at Geneva


Harley Jolley, from Cornwall, England, is proving just how valuable people with Down syndrome can be in a workforce.

For a long time Harley has dreamed of working for the police. When Harley came to speak at the WDSD event in Geneva, little did he or his family and friends realise just how far that speech would take him.

On 21 March 2019, Harley and his friend Francesca from Cornwall Accessible Activities Program (CAAP) travelled to Geneva to speak at DSi’s WDSD event at the United Nations, advocating for the rights of people with Down syndrome to employment.

In his speech, Harley said that his dream was to work with the Police. Helen Leverty, a Learning Disability Nurse Lecturer who also attended the Geneva event, tweeted about it. Shortly after, the Deputy Chief Constable of  Devon and Cornwall Police re-tweeted that he was interested in making Harley’s dream come true.

Harley and his mum, Patricia, were put in touch with Down’s Syndrome Association’s WorkFit team who arranged training about Down syndrome for the police force and also set up an internship for Harley. 

In October, Harley was given a tour of his local police station and measured up for his uniform. He started work the very next week. Harley works alongside Dave and Karen who have said Harley is doing an amazing job. He is surpassing everything that WorkFit told them he would do.

Patricia Jolley said, “It’s working so well and we are hoping there will be paid work at the end if all works out.”

Huge congratulations to Harley!!

If you would like to attend the next WDSD event in Geneva you can register on the event page