Lights, Camera, Action!!

DownTV video still

This World Down Syndrome Day why not make a video to share with the world.

People LOVE videos. FACT!

According to Facebook generates 8 billion video views every day and YouTube reports that video consumption rises by 100% every year!

What should I make a video about?

Absolutely anything that you like!

Here are some ideas from videos we have enjoyed before:

  • Tell the world about your life – what do you do on a typical day? where do you study or work? what do you like to do?
  • Show us something you love to do – are you a dancer? do you love sport? are you an artist?
  • Talk about your hopes and dreams;
  • You might like to talk about the theme for WDSD 2020, “We Decide” – what does decision making mean to you? 

When you have completed your video, upload it your favourite platform using the hashtag #WorldDownSyndromeDay THEN make sure you take the extra step to upload it to DOWN TV – World Down Syndrome Day

If you need a little more inspiration, you can also watch lots of videos from previous years on Down TV

For more information, take a look at the #WDSD20 video project