World events 2020

Welcome to our WORLD EVENTS section!

This is where you can find out about WDSD related events and activities taking place in your world region/country on and around World Down Syndrome Day 21 March 2020.

We work with groups and organisations across the world to share local and national campaigns, events and activities.

You can submit your WDSD 2020 event using the form below so that we can promote them here on our website as well as through WDSD social media

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On social media we use the hashtag #WorldDownSyndromeDay

It is time to start planning!!

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You may wish to order a resources pack from DSi to help with your WDSD plans

Please contact our International Office if you have any queries.


WDSD 2020 theme announced

Down Syndrome International (DSi) are delighted to announce the theme for WDSD 2020, “We Decide”.

Each year DSi presents a “Call to action” for WDSD which is integrated into all of DSi’s WDSD activities. We encourage everyone around the world to do the same.

The theme for 2020, “We Decide” is inspired by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) which supports effective and meaningful participation as a core human right.

All people with Down syndrome should have full participation in decision making about matters relating to or affecting their lives.

– Down Syndrome International

Though our WDSD 2020 activities we hope to empower people with Down syndrome to advocate for effective and meaningful participation so that they may reach out to key stakeholders to disseminate this message to bring about change.

Read more and learn how you can get involved on the Call to Action 2020 event page


Presenting the official #LotsOfSocks 2020

It is with enormous pleasure that we present the official #LotsOfSocks design for 2020.

#LotsOfSocks are just one of the ways we get the world talking about Down syndrome on WDSD. Each year Down Syndrome International creates a new official #LotsOfSocks design and the socks are sold around the world to raise awareness. In 2019 over 32,000 pairs were sold!!

Earlier this year we asked you to send us your ideas for the design. We received lots of wonderful suggestions and pictures but there was one that really stood out for us, submitted by Jijo Das. 

We sent Jijo’s artwork to our local designer to create a version that could be put onto socks and the final design is now with the sock manufacturer. You will soon be able to pre-order #LotsOfSocks and our t-shirts from the WDSD shop.

Jijo is the artist behind the brand Art of My Optimus. Jijo’s family describe him as “a warm-hearted, extremely loving & affectionate soul who finds his world in movies and comic books, Jijo is a passionate artist & illustrator with Down syndrome. He may have been a slow learner when it came to cognitive skills, but ever since he learnt how to hold a pencil/chalk he started doing what he loves.”

A huge thank you to Jijo for his inspiring work; we look forward to following his future adventures. You too can follow Jijo on Facebook, Instagram and on YouTube 

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#LotsOfSocks 2020 – Watch this space

#LotsOfSocks 2020 - Watch this space

On World Down Syndrome Day we want to get the world talking about Down syndrome. One of the ways we get people talking is by asking supporters to wear “Lots of Socks”.

Each year Down Syndrome International creates a new official #LotsOfSocks design and the socks are sold around the world to raise awareness. In 2019 over 32,000 pairs were sold!!

It’s time for us to design the official socks for World Down Syndrome Day 2020 and to help us along we asked you to submit your ideas. 

We received lots of wonderful suggestions and pictures and we would like to thank everyone who responded. We are very excited to start working on the final design! Watch this space.